On February 9, 2018 Gerald Tabios was accepted for the 5th consecutive time to join the Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon Race in Death Valley California. Over 2,000 ultra racers applied but only 100 got accepted in this international event. It is a 135 mile race in Death Valley where the hottest air temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees Fahrenheit. The race starts in Badwater Basin, Death Valley, the lowest elevation in North America to Whitney Portal, the trailhead to Mt. Whitney Summit, the highest point in the contiguous United States.

We will make a feature documentary film to tell the story of a man born and raised in the highlands of the southern part of the Philippines and made his way to New York to be one of the few Filipinos to be invited to the world’s toughest foot race, Badwater 135.

Join us as we make our own journey to make this film a reality. Making a feature documentary film is not going to be easy. We need your help in making sure we can finish this journey together with Gerald.

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My name is James Castillo. I am an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. Like Gerald, I am also a Cebuano, a Visayan from the Philippines. I moved to California over 10 years ago and I made it a commitment to be an independent filmmaker telling stories that reach into the soul of humanity. This feature documentary film is one of those projects that makes us more human.

Running for Freedom: My Journey as an Ultra Marathon Runner is a film about one man’s journey to find freedom. Freedom is many things to many people. As we journey alongside Gerald, we will discover what freedom means not only for Gerald but also for us, the viewers and the filmmakers.

I hope you can join us in this journey. We need all the support we can get to make this independent project a reality. In kind support is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

James Castillo


Gerald The Ultra Racer

Gerald Tabios (born September 12, 1969) is a Filipino long-distance runner and Ultramarathon runner. Among his most notable races in the United States is the Badwater Ultramarathon. This is an annual race that stretches 135 through Death Valley, California in July. This punishing race ends after a steep climb of Mt. Whitney. In the world of Ultramarathons this race, often reaching temperatures around 130 °F has frequently coined “The Toughest Foot Race in the World.” Tabios is the first Filipino who is Badwater 135 finisher (new route) and a 4-time Badwater 135 finisher.




We need your help in making Running for Freedom a reality. Call us at 1-626-241-7010 or email us at flowermanproductions@gmail.com.